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Action Strategy

Capital first, invest from the perspective of capital operation in real estate

·  Fully connecting with Fosun’s capital system and adjusting capital structure
·  Connecting with Fosun external funds by multiple channels and multiple levels, expanding investment and asset management scale
·  Utilizing financial instruments to achieve diversified financing and exit

Leveraging the platform and supplementing global layout of teams, customers, products and funds


·  Achieving complete landscape with six platforms and four offices outside Chinese market, basically covering mature markets and emerging markets, accelerating projects’ landing
·  A comprehensive accommodation with resources, capabilities, and experience, globalizd management, establishing the globalization of team, customer, product and capital



Integration of resources, introducing operational capacity, to achieve "Real Estate+" business model

·  Comprehensively connecting Fosun’s resources in Wealthy, Healthy and Happiness segments
·  Focusing on the theme of the Hive City, to achieve portfolio optimization for multiple asset classes and multiple investment strategies
·  Upgrading the product system and standards of Hive City, enhancing the operational capacity of Hive City project, promoting the product value