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Hive City + Global Landscape


“Hive City" model is a “City-industry Integration” solution tailored for new urbanization development by Fosun Property. Through combining its outstanding property development capability and abundant industrial resource, Fosun is establishing new urbanization approach to achieve rapid upgrades in city function and management standard.
“Hive City” was officially launched by Fosun Property in 2013 and had succeeded to reach a global layout within 5 years, and updated to a 2.0 version: from the solution plan tailored for new urbanization development with “City-industry Integration”, evolving into the business model of global real estate investment.
We’re utilizing professional capability of investment and industry operation, turning real estate into physical joint for global industry and services resources of Wealth, Health and Happiness, offering comprehensive solution with integrated plan of life consumption and industry, forming Hive City business model of “Real Estate + ”.


A. Team Global Landscape
Achieving global landscape through acquisition or localization of professional investment and management platform, covering mature markets and emerging markets.

B. Customer Global Landscape
Connecting to global capital markets, providing services to all types of funds and institutional clients.

C. Product and Capital Global Landscape
Offering globalization investment products for customers, with variety of portfolio investment, spreading investment risks, keeping up with the global economic cycle and the real estate industry transformation trend, achieving asset investment and value-added exit globally, meeting the earning requirements of the financial and capitalized globalization.