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Team Strengths

Fosun Property owns a professional and international management team. 90% management leaders have rich experiences more than 15 years in real estate development and construction, strategic investment, asset management, mergers & acquisitions, legal, risk control and other areas. Fosun Property has achieved global landscape through acquisitions or the establishment of localized professional investment and management platform, covering the mature markets and emerging markets.

✔  Specialized teams
   -One-stop solution from specialized teams:
   -Expertise across various sectors
   -Complete spectrum coverage
   -International local teams
   -Capabilities to offer other investment opportunities

✔ Outstanding Reputation
   -Outstanding reputation and strong market position

✔ Proven Track Record
   -Proven track record to identify macroeconomic trends to spot opportunities with high risk-adjusted return

✔ Excellent Management
   -World-class corporate governance and transparency
   -Strong alignment of interest from solid incentive program

✔ Abundant Resources
   -Professional investment and management capabilities
   -Broader financing & exit strategies
   -“Hive Resources” from Fosun Group’s portfolio companies to be utilized for higher profit margin