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Company Overview

Under Fosun Group, Fosun Property creates and integrates a happiness ecosystem through real estate. Fosun Property utilizes “Hive City + Global Landscape” as its core strategy, “Financialization, Globalization, Industrialization, Elitism, Technicalization” as its operational tactics, dedicating to vision of being the Global Hive City Practitioner, customized for family happiness globally and ecosystemized for global great businesses.

Fosun Property has a number of platforms, including Forte, Stater, Sunvision, Sungin, Sunyu ,Starwit, Golte, Shagnhai Resource and IDERA, Resolution Property, PAREF, Four Trees, Everest, Rio Bravo(RE), Fosun Eurasia (RE) with teams and assets both in mature market and emerging market, covering whole real estate value chain of real estate integration & development, asset & fund management and other real estate services.

Fosun property has been leveraging new technology and innovation, utilizing Hive City projects as carries and capitalizing on the industrial resources of ONE Fosun. By integrating online resources and building up offline spaces, Fosun property serves for Fosun’s building a C2M (Customer to Maker) happiness ecosystem of health, happiness and wealth, smartly making happy life for global families clients.

As of now, Fosun Property has expanded its landscape with over 120 on-going projects, of which Hive City projects located in over 40 cities across the globe. Total asset under management is over 340 billion RMB.